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One of the newest SEO strategies for building back links to a website is link baiting.  NewGen has developed a series of successful link baiting strategies that provided some stunning ROI for our clients.  So what is link baiting and how does it help a website boost its rankings?

Essentially, link baiting is the process of luring in a web browser with great content or helpful tools offered for free, then you hook them in by allowing them to link back to your site to share the things they found helpful.  The point behind link baiting is to create something so valuable to the web browser that they want to share it on their own websites and link back to your site in the process.

With the influence of social networking and blogging at an all time peak, you only need to create really engaging content and people will jump to share it on their own sites and social networks.  The result is a quick, massive boost in back links all over the internet that will boost your site’s authority and ranking with major search engines.

To incorporate link baiting, you will need to create some kind of interesting, original content that your viewers will see as indispensible and worth sharing.  For some niches, it could be a great new piece of original research.  For others, it could be a top 10 list on a relevant topic that people connect with instantly.  For others, it might be a free tool or ebook that creates an instant surge of inbound links overnight.

Ultimately, content is king and if you are providing your visitors with quality, valuable content, they will jump to share it.  This takes the work out of link building because your visitors do it for you by sharing links to your site on their own free will.  NewGen can help you implement link baiting into your website for a constant growth margin in valuable back links to help your SEO campaign.

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