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Google Penalty & Ban’s : Consultation & Repair

Every webmaster’s nightmare is to find their site banned by Google.  It’s brutal to find yourself excluded from the most popular search engine in the world.  In fact, a 2009 study showed that 90% of internet searches are conducted on Google so being excluded from their listings can feel like a death sentence for your website.  The good news is that most Google bans are not permanent and NewGen has dealt with them before.  We can help you survive this crisis with our penalty discovery and repair services.

The first step is to determine why Google actually banned your website.  Sometimes webmasters know what they did wrong, but most of the time it was an innocent mistake that leaves you whirling in confusion.  NewGen can do a complete site analysis and look for problems that might not be visible to the untrained eye.

Sometimes Google issues a ban because of hidden text or links.  Another big offense is using cloaked redirect commands or loading down your content with inappropriate keyword densities (this is sometimes called “Keyword Stuffing”).  Google also gets unhappy if you are creating multiple subdomains that all have similar content.  If you page has any kind of phishing behavior, it can be banned.  Another big “No No” is creating doorway pages full of links with no real content to benefit anyone.  These always get banned in a hurry.

You can also be banned if you include bad links that are known for spam because Google will assume you are affiliated with these spamming sites and ban you right along with them.  Sometimes finding the problem is the hardest part of the process, but there is still a lot that has to be done to repair the damage from a Google ban or penalty.

We have dealt with this issue many times in the past so we are familiar with what it takes to make Google happy and get them back on board again!  Many of our clients have suffered greatly after hiring “professional” SEO companies that caused their sites to be banned.  Others have experienced bans due to previous domain owners or link schemes they became a part of without ever being aware of it.  Our strategies to fix these situations included rebranding, increasing the site’s utility, and making other changes as necessary.

NewGen can help you identify your problem and fix it.  Then we will resubmit your site to Google for reconsideration and details about what has been changed and why the site should be considered for inclusion again.  This is a process we’ve walked through many times in the past and we can take the stress out of dealing with it.  Contact NewGen today and we’ll use our experience to get your website back in good standing with the leading search engine in the world.

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