Reduce Your Code Bloat and Free Your Website

In order to effectively search engine optimize your website it is essential to understand how search engines, like Google, find your website. Search engines use programs caused spiders to search through website content in order to find keywords and search queries. These spiders look for unique content, and in order to help them see your unique content it is important to get rid of the code bloat on your website. Most websites these days contain a large amount of Javascript, as well as CSS content in the HTML code. By cutting this kind of code bloat out of the picture you make it easier for search engine spiders to see you unique content.

Reducing the code to content ratio also helps search engine spiders to find your website even quicker. Too much unnecessary code will make your website load slowly, which increases the chances that a potential customer will head elsewhere to find what they want. By moving all scripts and CSS files so that they are external you can improve the load time for your pages and ensure that search engine spiders quickly find you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that excess code increases the likelihood of coding errors. This may not directly effect the search engine optimization of the website, but it can cause issues with the search engine spiders. If you are the designer of your company’s website you can likely make the necessary changes to get rid of the code bloat. If you hired a company to create your company’s website you should meet with them to talk about effective ways to reduce code bloat and make your website more appealing to search engine spiders.

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