Unique & Fresh Content For The Win

Keywords are important for SEO. When you envision the process of drawing visitors to your website, picture keywords as the road signs that direct the appropriate traffic in your direction. The reasons that individuals are searching for a particular keyword is that they want to find unique and relevant content about a particular subject. If you can provide this content then your visibility will be significantly boosted in search engines. Each page of your website needs to have unique content. Unless you are already a gifted writer this will likely require the services of a freelancer or SEO company which can provide you with the unique content that you need to increase the relevance of your site when individuals search for certain keywords.

Duplicate content is a dangerous plague that must be avoided at all costs. Here is the simple rule about duplicate content and how search engine algorithms view it. When a search engine algorithm sees the exact same content on multiple pages all of the pages are immediately moved down on the relevance scale, greatly reducing the likelihood that the individual who is performing the search even sees the page. If you want to avoid this scenario the content of every page of your website must set it apart from the competition.

Creating genuinely unique content takes some effort, but it is well worth. You should be aware that in trying to bait potential customers to visit other pages on your site if you use content from other pages you run the risk of being bumped down the relevance scale if the algorithms consider it to be content duplication. There is no need to run that risk when there are several reliable writing groups to hire to create unique content for your site that will help to drive up site traffic. Unique content on your website is definitely a key to improved sales.

Reduce Your Code Bloat and Free Your Website

In order to effectively search engine optimize your website it is essential to understand how search engines, like Google, find your website. Search engines use programs caused spiders to search through website content in order to find keywords and search queries. These spiders look for unique content, and in order to help them see your unique content it is important to get rid of the code bloat on your website. Most websites these days contain a large amount of Javascript, as well as CSS content in the HTML code. By cutting this kind of code bloat out of the picture you make it easier for search engine spiders to see you unique content.

Reducing the code to content ratio also helps search engine spiders to find your website even quicker. Too much unnecessary code will make your website load slowly, which increases the chances that a potential customer will head elsewhere to find what they want. By moving all scripts and CSS files so that they are external you can improve the load time for your pages and ensure that search engine spiders quickly find you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that excess code increases the likelihood of coding errors. This may not directly effect the search engine optimization of the website, but it can cause issues with the search engine spiders. If you are the designer of your company’s website you can likely make the necessary changes to get rid of the code bloat. If you hired a company to create your company’s website you should meet with them to talk about effective ways to reduce code bloat and make your website more appealing to search engine spiders.

Google Analytics SEO Short Cuts

Search engine optimization is crucial to driving traffic to your website. How can you do this if you have no idea how your website is faring in the search process though? This is where Google Analytics can help you to get the data you need to improve your website’s appearance in search engines. Google is hands down the most popular search engine in the world and you need to leverage its power if you want your website to be successful. Google Analytics is a freely available software package that analyzes the traffic to your website.

When you are in business finding new leads and generating sales are the key to success. By using features of Google Analytics like Event Tracking, Goal Tracking, and Intelligence you can identify the search engines and the keywords that are helping to grow your business. By continuing to track the Google Analytics data over time you can identify how to improve the website and driving even more traffic in your website’s direction.

In addition to the Google Analytics tools there are also Google Webmaster Tools that allow you to cull even more data about your website. The tools allow you to see very specific data with regards to your websites visibility on Google. Using these tools correctly can help you to fix any problems that may be keeping Google from finding your site with the regularity it should.

You can also find out exactly which search queries are driving people to your site and then use those keywords and phrases to optimize your website. The Sitemaps feature allows you to let Google know what pages you feel are most important on your website. If you are not allowing Google Analytics to work for you now is the time to get started.

Is your Blog Actually Improving your SEO?

If you want to bring traffic to your website than search engine optimization is a must. One of the easiest ways to draw traffic to your site through search engines is by adding a blog to your website. Blogs provide regular fresh content for your target market. This can not only keep current customers loyal, it can also help to bring in new customers. If you continuously add fresh content to your site it is more likely to be bumped to the top of the list by search engines. By allowing visitors to your website to ask questions and add comments you keep things interactive and improve search engine results.

Social networking has taken on a whole new level of importance in today’s business world. An interactive blog increases the likelihood that your customers and those who follow you blog bookmark you in social media and connect you to their friends thus building your social network. Removing any spam comments from your blog in a timely fashion will prevent you from losing followers because of poor content.

You should be aware of the fact that as you add blog posts to your website the size of your website will continue to grow. As the site grows with beneficial content then the authority of the website as a reliable source will increase and the amount of pages that will be pulled up by search engines will also increase. If you are not a writer you may want to consider having a skilled writer with experience in search engine optimization write content for your blog. Over time you might want to become more proactive about the content on the site. By adding quality blog content regularly you can ensure that your website traffic grows.

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